#EmergingTechnology: Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an emerging technology that is focused on building smart machines to perform tasks that would normally require human intelligence. These processes involve learning, reasoning and self correction.

There are many fields of Artificial Intelligence, or commonly referred to us AI. The fields of AI are illustrated as per below;


Artificial Intelligence can be classified into the following types;

  • Reactive Machines

This is one of the oldest and basic form of Artificial Intelligence. These machines are reactive, and do not possess the ability to store nor use past memory to make current or future decisions.

They can only be used to respond to specific or limited set of inputs.

A good example of this type is Deep Blue, The IBM Chess Game which beat Garry Kasparov, who is a reknown International Chess Grandmaster in 1997.

  • Limited Memory

The Machines in here possess Purely reactive Machines with an additional ability to use historical data to make decisions. This includes Deep Learning and Image Recognition. Artificial Intelligence uses large volumes of training data to establish a pattern for which the machine can solve problems. Image Recognition uses training Images to understand the contents, so as to establish a pattern for accurate labelling and naming.

Most AI apps from Chatbots, Virtual Assistants (e.g Alexa, Siri), Self Driving Vehicles are all Limited Memory type.

  • Theory of Mind

This type of Artificial Intelligence is considered a bridge between the AI Machines we have now and the ones that will be built in the future.

This type of technology is supposed to understand human’s beliefs, emotions and perceive humans as inidividuals whose mind can be shaped due to various issues. Hence, machines developed ought to perform this function.

This area of Artificial Intelligence needs more work and advanced innovation.

  • Self Aware

This type of Artificial Intelligence, currently exist only as a concept. The aim of this, however if fully comes into fruition, is for the technology to evolve and mimic human brain. This is to say, it should develop self awareness.

This technology should evoke emoitions to the ones using it, and should hold emotions of their own. This type of tech has a potential of advancing civilization, and some worry that, it might be a doomsday, in event if it evolves with an evil awareness.

A Simplified Illustration of Artificial Intelligence and some of the modern day examples;


Source: Artificial Intelligence and You: Demystifying the Technology Landscape

Artificial Intelligence can come to life through various ways;


Image Source: HubSpot

This type of Emerging Technology has had an impact and massive application on various Industries. It has risen to become a disruptive force in industries such as Finance, Energy, Automotive, Agriculture and even the Health sector. More companies are investing heavily on this type of technology, as it is highly capable of processing large chunks of data which assist them to understand their customers, and in turn develop solutions to carter to their needs.