Chargers Coach Anthony Lynn builds a school in Tanzania

As a Sports fan, I watch different leagues and tournaments as an escape and a source of entertainment. From soccer, basketball, american football and on rare occasions tournaments like golf, tennis and car races such as Formula 1 Grand Prix. Watching the journeys of these world class reknown coaches and athlethes train and compete on a yearly basis is an inspiration and motivation at it’s best.

Then it comes a time when these Sports Figures champion causes that are close to heart, they begin to transcend the sports realm and measure up to the respect and status we uphold them for, beyond just the games. The Los Angeles Chargers Coach, Anthony Lynn is a true testament to this statement. Coach Lynn teamed up with his friend Ravi Reddy to build a school for children in the Maasai Community, Northern Part of Tanzania in Africa.

Watch the video below to see the good work by this generous man;


We can all agree, as Individuals we can all pitch in to make our community better. It does not matter which walks of life we have emerged from, we both can, in each one’s unique ways, strive to make a difference for the next generation.