Property Of The Day, #POTD4 – Leeza Soho & Beijing Daxing International Airport by Zaha Hadid Architects

I am no property connoisseur, but I am developing a taste and appreciation for amazing architecture. From the few number of properties (residential or commercial), I have learnt, when you mention modern architecture, the name Zaha Hadid should be, with all the respect, thrown in the mix as well.

The late Dame Zaha Mohammad Hadid, a British Iraqi, is the founder and brain behind Zaha Hadid Architects. Known for being one of the GREATS to pioneer modern deconstructive designs and futuristic architecture, her projects are breathtaking, mind-blowing and to some of us, so therapeutic to an extent of being spiritual.

So today, I will feature two of the latest projects by the firm, Leeza Soho and Beijing Daxing International Airport;


The property features a 45-storey building with four (4) floors below ground. This massive real estate is housed on an impressive 172800m2 piece of land. Small and medium sized business are expected to take office in this building, as the demand for a flexible and efficient Grade A office space has grown in Beijing.

Just look at this beauty;


Having admired much of Zaha Hadid Architects’ work, you would think I am accustomed to how exquisite and out of a box they are. But this was not the case, when I saw this star-shaped, stretched to some point like Octopus legs, standing in beautiful architecture, the recent built Beijing Daxing International Airport (BDIA) situated 46km south of the city centre.

Features of the property:

  • Capacity to serve 72million passengers annually by 2025 (630,000 flights/year on 4 runways), to expand to 100 million passengers annually later
  • Passenger Terminal area of 700,000m2
  • Ground Transportation Cnetre area of 80,000m2
  • Cooling station together with integrated service building, Rail Transit station, Parking Building, passenger terminal and transfer centre (1.43 million m2)
  • The height of Central Dome Skylight – 45m

Here is a video showing the beautiful newly constructed Beijing Daxing Airport;

Beijing Daxing Airport by Zaha Hadid Architects

NOTE: All Videos and Pictures are borrowed from the internet, Zaha Hadid Architects website.

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